Jungle Challenge

These combination events of The Dinosaur Egg, Crossing the Rapids and Captain Hook have been created to build and mirror specific team dynamics. The wild and dangerous jungle provides the backdrop for this demanding programme.

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THE DINOSAUR EGG challenges individuals to demonstrate the value of group effort as they attempt to move this large, delicate Dinosaur egg back to its mother’s nest. Fear of radiation and other limiting factors add to this daring assignment.

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CROSSING THE RAPIDS engages the team in a wild adventure where the group is required to draw on their natural resources and using limited materials, negotiate a dry passage across the raging torrent.

Irish Olympics


CAPTAIN HOOK draws on individual team members in rotation to empower their colleagues to implement their vision and goals. The group is tested in the art of communication and listening in a stimulating and fun environment.

Irish Olympics


The pharaohs and the ancient Egyptians were masters of the art of pyramid building.
This program forces the team to draw on all resources to solve the Egyptian master’s task of moving the Pyramid.
While the task seems simple at first it soon becomes apparent that everything is not as simple as it seems.
Problem solving and decision making are the main obstacles to the team achieving success.
The team need to focus on issues such as sharing of information, forward planning, and implementing an agreed plan.

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