Orchard Antics

Orchard Antics is a series of five hilarious and fun events, full of pace, excitement, and challenges for your team to be really tested. An excellent programme for teambuilding, fun events and staff days. Prepare to be thrilled!!

Irish Olympics


This is a testing relay event in which the teams divide into racing pairs driving around the ‘circuit’ in their unique vehicles! Time constraints, pit-stops and various obstacles are but some of the challenges in this enjoyable event.

Irish Olympics


In this activity the team is asked to work together to carefully transport a measured amount of water from one destination to the other. A variety of containers are available and obstacles have to be overcome along the journey. The team is under time constraints. The amount of water transported is crucial and will be recorded at the end of the event.

Irish Olympics


The Team challenge is to build the tallest free- standing self supporting balloon structure possible. The team must draw on their physical resources and their creativity in producing this unique balloon sculpture.

Irish Olympics


The team is provided with a giant board and a ball. They need to communicate clearly and work together to negotiate the ball through wooden panels into the centre point of the board.

Irish Olympics


Each team using a set of wooden stilts makes its way from point A to point B, gathering instructional notes as they travel. They rely on good problem solving skills a sense of fun and physical strength to make this journey a fast and smooth one. Competition between teams makes this a challenging event.

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