Shackleton Adventure

Ernest H Shackelton (1874 to 1922) is recognised as one of the great explorers of all time. His exploits and adventures in the Antarctic as he and his colleagues set off on their expeditions are legendary. Many books, articles and documentaries tell the stories of sacrifice, suffering and heroism of this great adventurer.

Through our uniquely designed and themed survival programme relive the moments and challenges of Shackleton and his men and test your team in this epic event.


To start the Adventure we need to ensure the teams’ strength is up for the journey and to train them for this we would have them participate first in ‘The Building Strength Challenge’. Already the team would have been told that the huskies would not be taken on the final leg of the journey and they will be relying on their own physical power to transport their provisions.
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Next to the Supplies Challenge to load the ship ‘Endurance’ for the adventure. Amongst the supplies needed are bags of sand to be used as ballast in the hull of the ship. Each team is supplied with a wheelbarrow, sacks and spade for the event. Sweat and tears will be lost on this one.
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After many weeks of sailing the group arrives to the Antarctic and must proceed to base camp over the dangerous ice using their teams’ ice skis to complete the trip. By using these special skis the team members spread their weight and risk over the ice. This task demands total team co-ordination and it only takes one weak link to shatter the thin ice.
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On arrival at Base Camp the teams find the camp on a dangerous ice glacier and they must move it immediately. The restrictions set up for the movement of the camp demand that the team establish a strategic plan that will see the orderly movement of the camp in the face of a nearly impossible task. Problem solving and decision making are the main obstacles to the team achieving success. The team needs to focus on issues such as sharing of information, forward planning and implementation of an agreed plan.
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On successfully moving the camp to a safe location the team must now collect and fill the fresh water supply. The water closest to the shore has been contaminated and only water from five metres out may be used. A volunteer is needed to wade out into the freezing water and using the anchored bucket to pour water into the collection pipes held by other team members. This event brings to the fore natural leadership skills and also identifies members who will take on the more difficult roles to support their team.
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The journey on the ship Endurance is one that the crew may find difficult as they try to cope with the huge storm waves of the seas in the Antarctic. To prepare themselves for the physical balancing they may have to do during these storms a makeshift balancing simulator has been set up at base camp. This event is not just about balance but also about the team effectively supporting each other during difficult times.

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With all team members back to base camp its time for some relaxation for the teams. Some of the group have built a make shift goal post and the teams are challenged to a penalty shoot-out in the snow in this version of Artic Football.

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