Team Vision

The Orchard Centre’s Low Ropes Course is an aerial obstacle course strung among the existing giant Spruce and Beech trees using cables, ropes and beams. Teams will explore risk taking, leadership, communication, problem solving and coaching during this adventure
This team event not only gives a reflection of the groups own effectiveness but it also provides individuals within the group with the means of exploring their own response to teamwork.
During this task the group experiences teamwork in action as they become one team by evaluating each individual member’s qualities and strengths. This in a very powerful way demonstrates the importance of full participation, communication, planning, project management and team leadership.

Each team is provided with a range of creative materials, including a flip chart and markers for the programme, and are given instruction by their Orchard Centre Facilitator to the objective of the event.

As the group sets out to evaluate the physical resources provided for the task they must also identify and mobilise the human resources available within their group. The concept of shared responsibility nd decision-making rise to a new level during this task.

At the end of this task each team nominates a team member to give a presentation of their creation and team to the other groups. This facilitation can help deepen the impact and significance of the groups experience and to recognise the behaviours and beliefs that help them to succeed.

The programme also provides the flexibility of focusing the creative element towards the clients own product and values. The event is scored on creativity, workmanship, teamwork, effective use of materials and a verbal presentation to the Facilitators.

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