The Baileys Farm



the baileys farm

Farm owners Joe and Michael Hayden bring 150 years of  their family’s passion for farming tradition to life on their personally guided farm visits around their 135 hectare award winning farm. Hayden’s Family Farm is home to their 170 cow dairy herd, which produces 1.1 million litres of milk for Baileys Irish Cream. In 2002 this farm was chosen as the international ‘Vineyard’ for the world’s number one cream liqueur and now plays host to the many visitors who wish to visit the natural home of Baileys.

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Best practice in modern farming techniques has brought this family run farm to both national and international prominence. During their visit guests are provided with detailed information on cattle breeding and husbandry, grassland management, production costs, food traceability and much, much more. Environmental integrity is perfectly preserved and maintained. Five hectares of fen bog, natural woodland and wild meadow are protected under Irish and EU law to protect the large and unique variety of flora and fauna which exists there.


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Information Seminars

In addition to the visit of the farm special interest groups may avail of the opportunity to learn more about Irish agriculture, food processing, export markets and Irish Agriculture in the future. Specific issues to your group are catered for.
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Baileys Toast

The farm visit gives a unique insight into the production of the cream for Baileys so why not complete the story by hearing about the development of this great brand and enjoy a glass of delicious Baileys Irish Cream.
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Baileys Tasting Workshop

Enjoy a short introduction to the History and Heritage of the Baileys brand and learn about the strong connection that Baileys has to the Hayden Farm. Joe will then demonstrate how the rich cream is blended with secret ingredients.
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The Hayden Farm Visitor Experience

A Model of Sustainable Dairy Production